The Coolest Card in Your Wallet

Access a world of possibilities with the Canopy card.

Open a Canopy Wallet

The Hottest Wallet to Hold Your Card

Access a world of possibilities with the Canopy card.

Open a Canopy Wallet
Receive and send money in over 150 countries
Real-time exchange between 20 currencies
Get the VIP treatment and enjoy higher limits

The Best Wallet Choice

We are a leader in providing financial support to individual and high-risk merchant customers worldwide. Our digital wallet provides our clients with a multitude of benefits.

  • Multi-currency accounts

    Manage sub-wallets in different currencies.

  • Transfer money in seconds

    Move unlimited funds between Canopy Wallets within seconds.

  • Wire funds in over 150+ countries

    Every Canopy Wallet allows payments in over 150 countries worldwide.

  • Worldwide Network

    Send money worldwide directly to any person by several methods.

  • Easy Account Management

    Review account history and create statements for your bookkeeping and taxes.

  • VIP Treatment

    Dedicated concierge for your VIP wallet.


The Canopy Wallet takes you and your money further

At Canopy, we aim to provide financial services to merchants of specific industries to better serve their clients.
Worldwide Coverage

Your Canopy card is accepted in over 179 countries with access to high withdrawal limits.


We use the latest technology in all of our processes and systems to offer the utmost security and confidentiality.

Easy Management

Manage your wallet online with real-time balance updates, transactional details and customized security alerts.

CanopyCard was founded on the belief that legitimate high-risk businesses should have access to basic prepaid card services – like a bank account and electronic payments.

Unfortunately, businesses in many industries struggle to maintain basic banking services because financial institutions simply don’t have the tools to serve them. Traditional banking and payment systems were not designed for emerging, highly-regulated and cash intensive businesses.

Our technology bridges the gap between traditional banking and payment systems.

Our solutions add incredible insight and transparency into a business and our payment solutions add a layer of security that protects consumers and merchants.

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