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Canopy is providing merchants a unique cross border payment solution supported by a company with years of experience in providing financial services for high risk industries.
Canopy is a leading provider of financial services for companies and individuals with unique requirements, offering the best solutions and providing VIP card benefits to their clients, often with exceptional high limits.

The Wallet

Canopy redefines the landscape of alternative financial services for high risk merchants.
Customers can open an account in minutes using our cutting-edge technology.
Merchants can focus on their business while confidently knowing that the payments they send and receive are secure and protected from fraud.

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The Card

Canopy offers a high limit card accepted in 179 countries which can receive up to $300,000 in deposits per month.
Canopy cardholders have the ability to authorize each transaction with a unique, one-time code, equipping their account with the utmost level of security.

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